The Clique

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U Like???


“No one loves inner beauty more unattractive wannabes.”-Massie

“Alicia’s face is so perfect, it hurts to focus on it for more than a few seconds at a time.  It’s like looking straight into one of the UV bulbs at Sun of a Beach tanning salon.”  -Massie

“Always add a third coat of Clarins SPF 30.  The first two protect your fair skin from the sun’s harmful rays.  The third is to keep out poll-ew-tion.  -Kristen

“People are the most beautiful when they let their inner beauty shine through.”  -Anastasia Brees, Founder and CEO of Be Pretty Cosmetics

1.) Your boots were made for:

a. walking

b. making everyone jealous

c. .making your legs look longer

d. rich people. but shh, you got them on sale!!

2.) When the going gets tough, the tough get:

a. a lawyer and sue!

b. going

c. hungry. grounded

3.) You put the “b” in:

a. brains

b. beauty

c. body issues

d. being yourself

4.) What weighs more?? A ton of Prada Messenger Bags or a ton of Hermes scarves??

a. Um, have you seen my butt lately? I weigh more than a ton of bags and a ton of scarves put together!

b. do you honestly think I can fit all  my scarves and all  my bags on one scale??

c. It’s sooo ah-bvious!! They both weigh the same. A ton is a ton.

d. I agree with C. A ton is a ton. (Don’t be ashamed that you don’t know the right answer)

5.) The s  in school stands for:

a. sports

b. spreading gossip (for gossip points)

c. suh-noozer

d. staying out of trouble

Add up all the A’s K’s D’s and Y’s you get and see who YOU are.

1. A=Y  B=A  C=D  D=K

2. A=A  B=Y  C=D  D=K

3. A=K  B=A  C=D  D=Y

4. A=D  B=A  C=K  D=Y

5. A=K  B=A  C=D  D=Y

If you got mostly A’s… You are ALICIA!!! Chances are you’ve been spotted on more than one occasion with Teen Vogue in one hand and the latest blend at Starbucks in the other.YOu think God everyday that you’re a girl, because a life without accessories would be NO life at all.

If you got mostly D’s…. You are DYLAN!!!  You’re the girl who’ll do anything for a laugh.  There is nuh-thing cooler than a girl willing to be a goofball in the name of fun and your favorite topic is weight.

If you got mostly K’s… You are KRISTEN!!!  Sister, for being so smart, you are pretty stupid sometimes.  You get amazing grades, and you are minutes away from an invite to Beckhams’ Fourth of July BBQ.

If you got mostly Y’s…  CONGRATULATIONS!! That means you are perfectly happy being you.  Now please, help the others, will ya????

1.) Don’t you already think I have it figured out?? I’m a ___

A. Claire

B. Massie

C. Total free spirit


2.) On the first day of school my outfit is always:

a. eye-catching and unforgettable

b. something everyone wants but only I have

c. clean


3.) My fave sleepover snack is:

a. i can’t commit

b. low-fat fro-yo and sugar-free hot chocolate

c- anything 4 out of 5 dentists would NOT recommend’


4.) Everyone adores me because:

a. do you really have to ask??

b. i am more unpredictable than Lady Gaga

c. Uh, correction. not everyone adores me but some people respect me


5.) When someone makes me mad i:

a. get even

b. unleash my inner drama-queen

c. plot plan toss turn and when the time is right i go in for the kill


CONGRATS!!! You are done.  Add up all the M’s, C’s, and L’s you got.

1. A=C  B=M  C=L

2. A=L  B=M  C=C

3. A=L  B=M  C=C

4. A=M  B=L C=C

5. A=C  B=L  C=M

Mostly M’s… You’re a Massie!!! There, I said it, now relax.  Massie isn’t half as evil as she seems.  In fact, she is clever. funny, witty, and creative.

Mostly C’s… You’re a Claire!!! Claire has a good heart and she always knows right from wrong.  Claire’s word of advice: If you really want to be in stop trying so hard.  People do stupid things when they’re not being smart.

Mostly L’s… SURPRISE!!! You’re Layne!!  You are soo over all that clique business.  Layne doesn’t need a bunch of fashionable friends to keep her company.  All she needs is a thermos of oatmeal and one good buddy.

Claire, Did I invite you to my BBQ????                   No

Then why are you all up in my grill???


Are you a bird????                             No

Then why is your swimsuit so “cheep”???


Are you a big boob???                         No

Then why are you hangin’???


Did I ask you to take my temperature??     No

Then why are you all up in my butt??


Are you a female dog??  No

Then why are you acting like a “B”??


Um, is my name V??  no

Then why would I follow U??


cropped bomber jackets with furry hoods

nothing past the knees

wool and cashmere coats ( for nights)

matching scarves and gloves set ( strictly for warmth)

nothing you would ever wear skiing




uggs (knee high ONLY)

cowboy boots for night

rhinestone covered keds (if you dare)



sexy v necks

earth tones only

no Juicy Couture sweats (jeans, purses, and tops are okay)

C&C tank tops for layering

cute dresses for night

no waffle shirts or any other form of long john you might wear skiing



dark wash jeans

cords (earth tones only)

skirts for night (nothing below the knee)

tights (no black)

no long johns



camis and boy shorts. End of story.



MASSIE ONLY: necklaces (as many as the neck can hold)

Diamond Studs

Gold Hoops



cell phone (and charger)

iPods and chargers





Bras (ALICIA!)



face soap

razor, shaving cream


nail polish

hair dryer

bug spray





Gum (sugar free)

scented candles


Thats all…

This may sound weird but I was at the library today… guess what i got… The CLIQUETIONARY!!! It tells you everything you need!!! I’ll share some l8r


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